You choosing wait for to perform for audience.

You wake later to finding tent of circus raised and light. Many humans walking in and out. They look happy. Not wiling to know suffer of creature they see and coming to see. Humans not know this suffer. Never know this suffer.

Man in hat come to your cage and unlock. He point toward tent and say, “Stool inside tent. Waiting for your performance. Stand on stool. I throw ball at you. You bounce. They clap. Maybe you not getting whip for good show.”

You walk to toward tent. Your body hurt from whips of today. Some open wounds bleed. It hard to walk. Nothing easy.

You get to tent and see it full of sitting human ready to seeing your stool bouncing of ball. Man in hat announce your name. He shout with megaphone, “And now, Boris the amazing bear!” He whip at ground of you. You walk to stool.

He lean close to you as you standing of stool and say, “Bounce ball on nose few times and you not getting whip. Do not disappointing.”

You stand on stool. Put nose in air. Ready for bounce of ball.

Man in hat toss ball at you.

You choose to…


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