You chose to take all of the rabbit carcasses

You push the fox aside and scoop up the carcass it drops out of its mouth. You go to the tiny hole and gather more of the carcasses. You fit them all in your mouth. You strut off.

The fox leaps onto your back and starts to thrash and bite. You shake the fox off and growl, keeping the carcasses in your mouth. The fox jumps on you again. You do the same. It keeps trying. You keep shaking it off and swatting at it.

The scuffle continues for a long while. You would hear the snapping of twigs and such if you were not so focused on your blood-lust. Had you heard those snaps, however, you would have noticed the human.

The human chuckles at the silly animals fighting.

You hear a bang and the fox stops fighting.

You stop and look at it.

You hear another bang.

You stop fighting.

You fall over.

You choose to…


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