You chose to run in circles.

You begin galloping around yourself, practically chasing your nubby tail as you desperately hope doing so will help something about how terrible your current situation is. You keep running and running in circles, and the feelings of pain and anger continue to sting every moment of your current existence.

It is not pleasant

You continue running. Maybe something about this running will help something.

But it does not.

You get dizzy and fall over onto the once beautiful anthill kingdom that you ruined. You are exhausted and now simply accepting the pain and anger and hate and terror of where you are. The pinching does not stop. The burning does not stop.

And then you feel the tinniest taps on your sensitive nose. You shift your eyes and can narrowly see a line of marching warriors climbing into your nose. There is nothing you can do but watch. It hurts. It is misery.

You choose to…