You chose to eat the anthill.

There is no need to taunt the senses any further as you know that this anthill will be a very important part of your immediate diet. You hurl your anxious snout into the anthills epicenter and begin gulping large pockets of loose dirt and various forest debris. With each bite, you can taste and feel the antiness of the anthill. It is ever so anty. At least, you assume that this particular anthill is very anty. It seems anty. It has antness. Antiness? It does not matter. You are enjoying the taste and texture and smells and sensations of this anthill.

And then you feel a tiny bite on your tongue.

And another.

And one more.

And so many more tiny bites that begin to fill your mouth. You feel determined ants climbing through the crevices of your teeth and jaw and tongue. If that sounds pleasant, remember that all of these determined ants are also biting. They are biting so much.

When will they stop biting?

You choose to…