You stand up on your hind legs, which you are not good at because you are a bear, and you no longer feel safe at all…

You are a bear. You walk on four legs. Trying to change that in any manner is generally not a good idea. When you stand on your hind legs, you quickly lose your balance and stumble. You land on your bear back, exposing your bear belly to the elements and to the angry hawk above. The hawk takes the opportunity to dive into your soft tummy and begin ripping your bear insides out, the infinite pain of which you feel as though you will be forced to endure forever and ever, until you are no longer a bear.

It feels like that happens since you do not feel safe, but really, you fall and land on your back and a very chilly wind blows across your vulnerable belly, scaring you into a complete feeling of unsafety.

You are safe, but you sure do not feel safe.

Would you like to  try being a safe bear again? Or would you like to try other adventures involving you being a bear?