You feel incredibly safe as you let go.

You feel 100% safe as you let go of everything that makes you a bear. You forget that you are in a forest. You forget that a hawk watches over you ominously. You forget that one day you will probably not be a bear no matter how hard you try to avoid that inevitability. You forget about that one time you saw a mangled squirrel splattered on a long, flat black rock, its tiny skull plastered to the unforgiving formation as heat and despaired lifted from its decaying body.

You forget it all.

And you let go.

And you simply be a bear.

And it feels good.

Feels good.

In reality, you are being pecked by a very brave hawk, its talons ripping into your eyes. You do not feel that, however. You feel the safety you sought.

It it feels nice.

Would you like to  try being a safe bear again? Or would you like to try other adventures involving you being a bear?