You look for other faceless things to eat in your dreamworld forest, and it does not go well for you.

You look around your dreamworld forest for something that is faceless and edible. You find a tree. A tree without a face. You pause and reflect on trees in your real forest. Do they have faces? Of course not. But this tree, particular, has a face. As though it once had a face, a very lovely face that was perfectly shaped for a face that would be on a tree, but now the face is gone. Ripped from the tree. Gone.

Then the tree eats you with its facelessness.

You wake up feeling very unsafe.

You walk back to your cave to reflect on the formerly-faced-faceless-tree.

You are a bear.

An unsafe bear.

Would you like to  try being a safe bear again? Or would you like to try other adventures involving you being a bear?