You chose do anything other than stand around and do nothing, but that probably seemed silly, but now you are at 0% safety.

You are not safe now. You chose to stop doing nothing at the worst possible time, and now you face the consequences of not feeling safe. The moment you moved from your standing and doing nothing post, that hawk that you thought flew away realized you were an actual creature and not a fuzzy rock. It struck you in the eye with its horrible beak after dive-bombing at you. Your eye hurts. You brain hurts. You are filled with regret.

You tried to feel safe, but you ended up not being or feeling safe at all.

You are a bear.

An unsafe bear.

To clarify, that is a bear who does not feel safe and not a bear who is not safe to be around. You are perfectly safe to be around so long as whoever is around you does not mind hawk attacks.

Would you like to  try being a safe bear again? Or would you like to try other adventures involving you being a bear?