You are a bear

You are a bear. You wake up in a dimly lit cave. Your eyes are adjusted to the low light, so you are able to see the textures of your surroundings. You are about to begin a new day as a bear. There will be many obstacles, mental and physical, for you to overcome. You might find something important. You might meet someone important. You might get hurt. You might eat something. It is up to you. As a bear.

Your fur is warm but dirty.

The cave floor is soothing. Cool.

Your surroundings motivate you to…


47 thoughts on “You are a bear

  1. Luke

    This was the best!! I Woke up, had a nap, heard a noise, follwed a trial, gave up on the trail, found a bee hive, got stung, ate some honey then died.. AND ENJOYED EVERY SECOND OF IT!!

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  2. SarSaparilla72

    When I was little and all we had was the shiny new BBC 32 bit computer, I used to spend far too long writing basic code to make up choose your own adventure stories (Once a geek – always a geek. And proud). These days, well yes, WordPress is actually the perfect forum! Good luck – groovy idea πŸ™‚

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  3. worzelodd

    Have a bear’s breakfast, a piss, a scratch, a look round. It is October, I am hungry, can smell dead fish. I head down through the thimble berry bushes I have long since stripped clean, to the river. The salmon are running, many in their last throes, I gorge my self on good, fatty protein..fine day to be a black bear on her own.

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  4. The Overlord Bear

    Congratulations on being Freshly Pressed, and freaking nuts, this is awesome, and I had a very beautiful day of being a bear here! I don’t know what sort of life you live outside the bear persona, but I hope that you’re doing your best and having fun with living it! Also, friendship for the win! And I’m starting to like Rob the Squirrel, too! I wonder if Rob has any nuts that he would like to share…? ^_^

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  6. djmatticus

    Very creative and well executed. I kept expecting to click through to find myself in the same scenarios, but each time through was unique… well, except for death. That happened every time, I guess that is a life lesson? Or, perhaps it is just hard to be a bear…


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  8. Raven Whyte

    I remember creating some of these when I was teaching, to help low level readers find new ways to enjoy increasing their reading skills. Definite fun! Thanks for sharing it. πŸ™‚


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